Holistic Calendar 2018

Yoga and meditations in the park from June 21st to September 20th

Yoga Session

Instructor: Margarita Lavrovskaya

Languages: Russian (Italian, English)*

Rita will host Universal Yoga sessions on the terrace of the Oasi Nitrodi. A wonderful practice to improve one's physical, energetic, and emotional balance, and acquire a deeper sense of self.

Yoga Session

Instructor: Professor Gianni Vuoso

Language: Italian

In collaboration with "Il Germoglio" Association, this class will last approximately 1 hour. Hatha yoga, pranayama and meditations sessions will be guided by Gianni Vuoso and will take place in one of Oasi Nitrodi's most beautiful terraces during sunset.

Free Sensorial Journeys

Instructor: Daniele Ubjk

Languages: Italian (English, Spanish)*

Teacher and therapist Daniele Ubjk will produce a series of sounds utilizing hangs and Tibetan bowls tuned to produce curative frequencies. During these sessions, participants may take showers, read a book, practice yoga, or meditate.

Zoè Animal Yoga Session

Instructor: Enrico De Luca

Languages: Italian (English)*

On the terraces of the Oasi Nitrodi, the teacher Enrico De Luca will guide you through inspirations, expirations, expansions, contractions, and connections: A body that moves is a cosmos that moves.


Instructor: Anna Shcherbakova

Languages: Italian (English, Russian)*

Meditation is the cultivation of the Soul: It helps to calm and free the mind, and opens the heart to unconditional cosmic love and profound joy. Meditation transforms negative emotions and thoughts into positive vibrations, filling life with inner Divine Light, Love and Power! Thought is a material object: That which you think, becomes and attracts what you feel!

Mantra is the bridge between the physical, psychic, and spiritual world; it clears and purifies the mind, improving the state of the Soul. Mantra transforms the psychophysical emotional state of human beings into infinite Peace, Joy, Harmony, and Internal Silence, through curative vibrations created by singing!


Mantra and Healing Sounds

With: Anna Shcherbakova, Daniele Ubjk and Antonio Pilato

Kirtan is an ancient Indian tradition consisting of healing music that facilitates connection with the sacred mantras. Discover your interior world through collective singing accompanied by musical instruments; elevate your personal energy toward the source of universal love.

The instruments used for this practice are the hang, a modern musical instrument invented in Switzerland in 2000, which evokes ancient sounds, and is inspired by ethnic instruments from all over the world; also Tibetan bowls, vocal harmonies, and the guitar will be used for this session. All these instruments are tuned following a tempered system which is different from our own, with harmonic frequencies that are certified as deeply healing by luminaries in the fields of physics, music, biology, and medicine.

(*) The instructor can provide assistance in the languages indicated in parentheses. If needed, class languages may be changed to reflect the nationalities of the participants and/or may be integrated with simultaneous translation.