Wellness Therapies

Multiply wellness: find out more about our therapies

Many wellness therapies are available at the Nitrodi springs and these can reinforce the benefits of spa water and aromatic plant therapy. Relax in the capable hands of our qualified professional staff and discover energy, beauty and almost totally natural relaxation with massages and face and body treatments.

  • Face Beauty

    Face Beauty

    The Nitrodi SPAEH method. Entrust the beauty of your face to those who know how to make it radiant.

  • Body beauty

    Body beauty

    Nitrodi SPAEH Whitetherapy method: a burst of wellbeing for your skin.

  • Ayurveda


    Physical beauty and inner balance: Ayurvedic massage

  • Balneotherapy


    Balneotherapy is one of the main external curative methods in treatment of chronic rheumatic and skin problems.